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About Super Visa

The Super Visa is a travel document that allows parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to stay in Canada for 5 years at a time. Unlike a regular tourist visa, the Super Visa grants a longer validity period and allows multiple entries. It is an excellent option for families who wish to reunite and spend quality time together.

Eligibility Criteria for Super Visa

You must meet specific criteria set by the Canadian government. To be eligible for a Super Visa following requirements should be fulfilled:

Requirements For Canada Super Visa

Letter of Invitation
A crucial requirement for obtaining a Super Visa is a letter of invitation. It serves as proof that your child or grandchild in Canada is inviting you to visit and will be financially responsible for your stay. The letter should include:

Minimum Necessary Income

One of the essential prerequisites for obtaining a Super Visa is having valid medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company. The medical insurance must:

Medical Insurance

One of the essential prerequisites for obtaining a Super Visa is having valid medical insurance coverage from a Canadian insurance company. The medical insurance must:

List of Documents Required For Canada Super Visa

You must submit various documents to support your application when applying for a Super Visa Some of the required documents include:

The application process for Super Visa

To apply for a Super Visa, you must follow a specific application process. It involves:


The specific income requirement depends on the number of people in the family unit and is updated annually by the Canadian government. In 2023, the minimum necessary income is $46,362 for a family of four members.
The super visa Canada application fee is $100 per person. If you are asked to give biometrics, it will cost $85 per person.
Yes, a Super Visa can be rejected for various reasons. Common reasons for rejection include incomplete or incorrect application forms, lack of proof of relationship with the child or grandchild in Canada, insufficient funds, failure to demonstrate ties to home country, and medical inadmissibility
No, the Super Visa allows parents or grandparents to visit their children or grandchildren in Canada for an extended period. It does not grant them work in Canada.
The processing time for a Super Visa application varies depending on the volume of applications received, the visa office, and the country you are applying from.
Yes, a bank statement is a required document for a super visa application. It serves as proof of the applicant’s financial stability and ability to support themselves during their stay in Canada financially.
Super visa provides multiple entries for a period of up to 10 years. Any eligible person can invite their loved ones, such as grandparents, siblings, or even close family friends, by applying for a Super Visa.
Yes, a return ticket is required for a Super Visa application. It demonstrates the applicant’s intention to return to their home country after their visit to Canada.

How can Immitrust help you ?

Navigating the Super Visa application process can be complex and overwhelming. This is where Super Visa consultants come into play. These consultants assist individuals with their applications and increase the chances of approval.
At Immitrust Immigration, our team of super visa specialists provides valuable guidance and offers support throughout the entire process.

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